Faculty of information technologies

Applied mathematics Informatics Computer science Automated control of technological processes Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of economics

Economics of Enterprise Accounting and Audit Finance and Credit Management Management in the field of transport and logistics Marketing Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities

Faculty of metallurgy

Metal Processing With Pressure Applied Materials Science Foundry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals Metallurgy of ferrous metals : ironmaking Metallurgy of ferrous metals : steelmaking Metallurgy of ferrous metals: physical and chemical studies of metallurgical processes Metal working with pressure: rolling and drawing Metal working with pressure: forging and stamping Industrial heat engineering

Faculty of power engineering

Electrotechnical systems of power consumption Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive Thermal Power Engineering Environmental protection technologies

Faculty of transport technologies

Organization and management of industrial transportation Organization and management of transportation Organization of international transportation Transport systems Organization and management of road transport

Mechanical Engineering and Welding

Machine building technology Welding technology and equipment Restoration and increase of durability of details and constructions Metallurgical equipment Lifting-transport, road, melioration machines and equipment Machine-cutting tools and systems Industrial and civil construction Architecture and construction of the city

Social and Humanitarian

Slavic Languages and Literature Philology Social work Tourism


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Mr. Yurii G. Sahirov, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Language Training

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