Mechanical Engineering and Welding

The faculty was founded in 1971 with the most active participation of Prof.Paton, the President of the Academy of Science of Ukraine. Its organization was dictated by the great demands of the factories in Mariupol. Since the time it was the third welding faculty in the USSR Now there are only two welding faculties in Ukraine: in Mariupol and in Kyiv. Boosting of production outputs in Mariupol steel factories in the 50s along with introducing high-productive equipment and enlarging its maintenance base demanded for professionals trained in design and operation of complex machines and equipment of metallurgical mills. Under these conditions, the metallurgical institute (now PSTU) launched training programmes for mechanical engineers working with equipment of iron and steel factories. In 2017, the engineering and welding faculties are united.

Professional education in area of expertise: industrial, civil and agricultural construction

Degree ProgrammeBachelor ProgrammesCitizens of the CIS countriesCitizens of other countries
Professional education in area of expertise: industrial, civil and agricultural constructionProfessional education8001 100
Machine building technologyEngineering mechanics8001 100
Welding technology and equipmentEngineering mechanics8001 100
Restoration and increase of durability of details and constructionsEngineering mechanics8001 100
Metallurgical equipmentMachine building8001 100
Lifting-transport, road, melioration machines and equipmentMachine building8001 100
Machine-cutting tools and systemsMachine building8001 100
Industrial and civil constructionCivil construction8001 100
Architecture and construction of the cityArchitecture and construction8001 100
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Mr. Yurii G. Sahirov, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Language Training

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