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Pryazovskyi State Technical University is one of the oldest educational establishments in Donetsk Oblast. PSTU was certified by ІSО 9001:2008 and has 4th level (the highest) accreditation. PSTU was founded in 1930 as a professional training school for the workers of ILYICH Iron & Steel Works. Originally Mariupol Metallurgical Institute, in 1993 the Cabinet of Ukraine issued Resolution No.956, making it a Technical University. The university has 10 faculties and 45 departments.

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PSTU is the largest academic and scientific centre in the South-East of Ukraine. The brief description of the University’s scientific potential, key R&D fields, results of scientific activity can be found in the Science page. Pryazovskyi State Technical University offers commercial-based transfer for industrial application of the Effective Scientific Developments including
The most effective R&D’s, Technical proposals and Results of national state financed R&D’s.

It also incorporates 3 research institutes, 2 colleges, a Professional Education Lyceum , and two Technical Secondary Schools. PSTU provides In-Service Training and Continuous Education Institute and a Preparatory Department .
The university offers graduate and professional educational programs for students from the Azov Sea region, Ukraine and other countries. The student body includes about 11.000 students working towards bachelor, specialist and master degrees. The advanced degree programs are offered through the postgraduate department.

Today the faculty of the University is 500 teaching staff, including 46 professors with doctorates and about 229 docents with the degree of candidate of science. Among them are 50 full and affiliated members of various branch academies of sciences in Ukraine and abroad, 6 honored fellows of science and engineering, laureates of national prizes and honored workers in education of Ukraine.

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