Peculiarities and regularities of admission and studies of foreigners and persons without citizenship to PSTU SHEI

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For foreign citizens, who are not proficient in Ukrainian (Russian) the university has a special department of preparatory language training, where they will be able to get the necessary language training in Ukrainian (Russian), math, physics, chemistry, information science for their further studies at PSTU within a year, other subjects may be taken, depending on the chosen direction: engineering, humanities, medicine, or economics.

On completion students take their final examinations and receive the state certificate, granting them the right of continuing their education at Ukrainian higher education institutions both at main faculties or at post graduate courses


Foreign citizens are trained for entering higher education institutions, duration of language training is one year. Students, who successfully pass examinations obtain corresponding certificates, confirming completion of training at the preparatory department.


Training for bachelor’s degree — 4 years. A student has to present a final research work or pass a state examination.

Training for master’s degree – 1.4 years on the basis of bachelor’s training. On completion a graduation research work is to be defended.


Post graduate course – 4 years of study, plus compilation and public defense of a thesis for being granted a degree of a candidate of science (Ph.D. degree).

Doctorate training– 4 years of stud, plus compilation and public defense of a thesis for a degree of doctor of science.

The university has its own specialized councils for defense of candidate’s and doctor’s theses in some academic fields.