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Students Faculty of Engineering and language preparing for foreign nationals stayed in a hostel N5 1 PSTU accept the following obligations;

  • To comply strictly with internal regulations of the dormitory of PSTU;
  • Do not use or store in the dorm alcohol and narcotic substances;
  • Do not smoke inside the hostel;
  • Do not appear in the dormitory in a state of alcohol or drugs, intoxication;
  • Do not violate public order, peace and quiet after 22:00 o’clock;
  • Regularly clean my room and the kitchen after cooking;
  • To Pass the key of my room to manager of the hostel;
  • To keep property and the facilities of the hostel (rooms, kitchen) order to the maintain cleanliness and order in the premises;
  • To provide all possible assistance to the head of a hostel in the maintenance of order and improvement of the hostel;
  • To pay for the damage of property and equipment of the dormitory that occurred as my fault.