Slavic Languages and Literature Philology Social work Tourism

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities was formed in 2014 from the humanities and engineering and pedagogical faculties.

Social and Humanitarian Humanitarian faculty was created in 1995 as a structural division of the university in line with the concept of its perspective development. It became the basis for developing and introducing humanitarian courses at PSTU that are included into the curriculum of the students of the entire university. Engineering and pedagogical faculty was organized in 1996 on the basis of the part-time faculty which had been originated in the early ’30s. It was set up along the guidelines of the long-term development programme with the aim of training  specialists in pedagogics who intend to work in different areas of education, engineering education including.

Degree Programme Bachelor Programmes Citizens of the CIS countries Citizens of other countries
Slavic Languages and Literature (incl. translation) Philology 800 1 100
Philology Philology 800 1 100
Social work Sociology 800 1 100
Tourism Tourism 800 1 100