Estimated cost of education (baccalaureate) in the form of a day for foreign citizens

  • baccalaureate – up to $ 900-1300 per year;
  • Master’s degree – up to $ 1,500 per 1 year.
  • PІTU does not provide scholarships and grants to foreign students, unless otherwise provided by international agreements.

    The cost of living in a hostel is about $ 300 a year (from one person in a double room), $ 500 per year (single room).

Daytime study form – Bachelor

Faculty of Information Technologies

Degree ProgrammeBachelor Programmes$
Applied mathematicsApplied mathematics1 300
InformaticsComputer science1 300
Information systems and technologiesComputer science1 300
Automated control of technological processesAutomation and computer-integrated technologies1 300
Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering1 300

Metallurgical faculty

Degree ProgrammeBachelor Programmes$
Metal Processing With PressureMaterials Science1 100
Applied Materials ScienceMaterials Science1 100
Foundry of ferrous and non-ferrous metalsMetallurgy1 100
Metallurgy of ferrous metals : ironmakingMetallurgy1 100
Metallurgy of ferrous metals : steelmakingMetallurgy1 100
Metallurgy of ferrous metals: physical and chemical studies of metallurgical processesMetallurgy1 100
Metal working with pressure: rolling and drawingMetallurgy1 100
Metal working with pressure: forging and stampingMetallurgy1 100
Industrial heat engineeringMetallurgy1 100

Faculty of Transport Technologies

Degree ProgrammeBachelor Programmes$
Organization and management of industrial transportationTransport technologies (on rail transport)1 300
Organization and management of transportation
Organization of international transportation
Transport technologies at Automobile Transport1 300
Transport systemsTransport technologiesn at Automobile Transport1 300
Organization and management of road transportTransport technologies at Automobile Transport1 300

Energy Faculty

Degree ProgrammeBachelor Programmes$
Electrotechnical systems of power consumption (by types)Electrical Engineering, Electrotechnics and Electromechanics1 100
Electromechanical systems of automation and electric driveElectrical Engineering, Electrotechnics and Electromechanics1 100
Thermal Power EngineeringThermal Power Engineering1 100
Environmental protection technologiesEnvironmental protection technologies1 100

Faculty of Economics

Degree ProgrammeBachelor Programmes$
Economics of Enterprise (by types of economic activity)Economics 1 300
Accounting and AuditAccounting and Audit1 300
Finance and CreditFinance, Banking and Insurance1 300
ManagementManagement1 300
Management in the field of transport and logisticsManagement1 300
MarketingMarketing1 300
Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activitiesEntrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities1 300

Social-Humanitarian Faculty

Degree ProgrammeBachelor Programmes$
Slavic Languages and Literature (incl. translation)Philology1 100
PhilologyPhilology1 100
Social workSociology1 100
TourismTourism1 100

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Welding

Degree ProgrammeBachelor Programmes$
Professional education in area of expertise: industrial, civil and agricultural constructionProfessional education1 100
Machine building technologyEngineering mechanics1 100
Welding technology and equipmentEngineering mechanics1 100
Restoration and increase of durability of details and constructionsEngineering mechanics1 100
Metallurgical equipmentMachine building1 100
Lifting-transport, road, melioration machines and equipmentMachine building1 100
Machine-cutting tools and systemsMachine building1 100
Industrial and civil constructionCivil construction1 100
Architecture and construction of the cityArchitecture and construction1 100