We are welcome you to study in Priazov state technical university

The City of Mariupol is situated in a picturesque area on the shores of the Sea of Azov. The climate here is moderate and continental, with mild winters and dry hot summers (average temperatures are –50С and + 270С). The city was founded more than 230 years ago and today numbers about 500 thousand inhabitants. Mariupol is one of the largest industrial localities in Ukraine with the main focus in metallurgy and machine-building. Steel products manufactured at its two iron and steel works, AZOVSTAL and ILYICH, are in demand worldwide. A machine-building factory, AZOVMASH, which is now on the rise, contributes to building up industrial capability of the city. Other companies of national significance operating in Mariupol are Commercial Port and Azov Shipping Company. The leading industrial enterprises of our city are the venues of practical and probation training of our students.

The factories offer wide opportunities for internships to the University students.

The business life of Mariupol is boosted by implementation of projects with participation of foreign investors. Among them are companies of the USA, Austria, Great Britain, France, Poland.

There is a good foundation for developing small and medium businesses. The residents and guests of the city can enjoy the International airport, a new marine passenger terminal, high-class hotels, modern sport centers, cinemas, clubs, the City Garden and parks, a new attraction park, squares and fountains.

Mariupol is also a cultural, educational and sport center of the south-eastern region of Ukraine.

Drama theatre, cinema halls, sport facilities, swimming pools and water stations, 3 higher educational institutions, youth clubs, public libraries, city parks, entertainment and attraction grounds are offered to and frequented by Mariupol residents.

Mariupol is a big city in Ukraine, located on the coast of the Sea of Azov. The City of Mariupol is an industrial centre of Donbass and Ukraine. In this city there are 3 big iron and steel works, a commercial sea-port and various factories.

Mariupol presents an odd mixture of different styles of architecture. Mira Avenue, the main street, is a beautiful, broad and long street. In the centre of the city there is Drama theatre.

Mariupol is a big city in Ukraine, located on the coast of the Sea of Azov. The City of Mariupol is an industrial centre of Donbass and Ukraine. In this city there are 3 big iron and steel works, a commercial sea-port and various factories.

Mariupol presents an odd mixture of different styles of architecture. Mira Avenue, the main street, is a beautiful, broad and long street. In the centre of the city there is Drama theatre.

Mariupol is a green city. It has many parks and public gardens, where colourful and musical fountains are installed, people enjoy having rest and taking walks there very much.

The city looks especially beautiful in spring, when trees and flowers are in full blossom

The city stands on the shores of the Sea of Azov . This is a warm and very shallow (just 7-14 m) sea. In summer the city hosts lots of tourists at its holiday centres, sanatoriums and recreation facilities. They enjoy staying there and just having walks throughout the city’s streets.

Mariupol is a multi-religious city and many local residents confess Islam. At the beginning of October 2007, Islamic Cultural Centre was opened in the city mosque. The mosque was constructed to commemorate Suleiman the great, the sultan, and Roxolana, his wife.  The opening ceremony of the Centre was an important event in the cultural life of Mariupol. The mosque is seen from the sea, so the Moslems coming to our city aboard vessels can come and pray there.

Pryazovskyi State Technical University (PSTU) –is one of the higher education institutions of Mariupol. It was opened in 1930. At that time it had only two departments, now, it has 8. The university is located in twelve buildings. The main building is in the centre of the city. This is a big five-storied building. The university has a sports complex, a students club, a canteen, a cafeteria, buffet- rooms, students’ dormitories and a health-care centre.

The university’s health-care centre offers the following services for students and university workers: catering, medical treatment and consultations. The health-care centre possesses massage rooms and rooms for various procedures, the canteen provides three well-balanced meals a day. The PSTU students can improve their health at the university’s health-care centre throughout the entire academic year.

In the settlement of Yurievka, on the shore of the Sea of Azov  (40 km westwards from Mariupol) there is Olymp Summer Camp, where professors and students have their summer holiday. This sports and recreation camp has been working for more than 50 years now. It can host up to 350 students and 200 university workers and guests of our university at a time, who come over to improve their health there. This is a marvelous place: warm sea, pine-trees grove, fresh air – everything you need for a good and relaxing rest. You can lie in the sun and swim in the sea.

For those , who prefer active holiday – there are games and sports training sessions offered. You can play football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, billiards, chess and draughts In the evening you can go to a discothèque or have a rest beside the bonfire, playing a guitar. The camp organizes various sports competitions, providing memorable prizes for winners.

During the winter holidays our students can go to Lviv, Kyiv or Uzhgorod to spend time there.


Ukrainian and international students study at the university. International students start their studies at the Preparatory Department, where they study Russian/Ukrainian at the Department of Humanities and Language Studies. The academic year at all educational establishments of Ukraine starts on the first day of September. The first term starts in September and lasts until January. In January students take their examinations. The examinations last for three weeks. Then students have their winter holidays. The second term begins in February and lasts until June. In June students take their exams. Beside the Russian language the students also study chemistry, physics, math, biology, have courses on the history of Ukraine, information science, country studies etc.

Every student has a selective curriculum, depending upon his/her future profession. All subjects are taught in Russian. In June, students have to take several examinations. Russian is the main compulsory subject for the students of

Preparatory Department. International students learn phonetics, grammar, learn to read and write, speak and understand lectures in Russian for 9 months.

The academic groups are quite small, each consisting of 6-8 students, so the professor is able to share attention with each and every student during the lesson. The students have Russian classes nearly every day. At the end of the academic year the students of Preparatory Department learn to make notes of the lectures delivered in Russian in various disciplines.

When the summer examinations are over the students of Preparatory Department get a certificate, verifying the completion of their studies there, which allows them to be enrolled into the university without taking entrance exams.

International students live at dormitories, where the domestic students also stay. At dormitories they live in single rooms, or share the rooms with another student.

International students are exposed to the life of Ukrainian citizens. They watch Russian and Ukrainian films, they listen to Ukrainian and Russian music, they get acquainted with history and culture of other nations, they are taught to have respect for tradition of different countries. International students take part in all events held at the university.

The first event they usually take part in is the “Freshmen’s Debut”, which is dedicated to the International Student Day. For the students of major departments “ Initiation into students” is the first event, in which they take part. Early in September they also take part in the celebration of the City Day.

“Let’s get acquainted with each other!” international party is usually organized in December. There, students of different countries tell about their countries, culture and traditions, demonstrating their first progress in mastering Russian.

On February 14th   both international and domestic students participate in the concert, held in honour of St.Valentine.

In  Meotida Students’ Club a holiday party, dedicated to Kourban Beiram, a major Islamic holiday, is held. This year the imam of Mariupol mosque was invited there for the first time.

In March the Preparatory Department organizes the party, called “We already speak Russian”. The students are presenters there and they sing Russian and Ukrainian songs  and recite Russian poems which they learnt themselves.

Very many events are held in May. The first event is “Students’ Spring” – a students’ festival. Every concert is dedicated to a certain subject. International students always do well on the stage, winning memorable prizes. Also meetings with the deans of all departments of the university are organized aimed at career-guidance and promoting the choice of future trade. Traditionally, “Miss University” Beauty Contest is held late in May , where international students also take part, winning the titles of “Mariupol Beauties”.

Besides, the PSTU international students participate in “Friendship Cup” mini-football tournament. They also take part in mini-football competitions between Mariupol higher education institutions, showing excellent performance.

During the academic year the department teachers and the dean’s office congratulate the students with the national and religious holidays, organize excursions around  the university and its departments. The students also get to know the city they study in, visit the museums of the city and the university and theatre performances. During the winter holidays they visit the city’s skating rink, where they enjoy themselves very much.